to make

every bicycle ever made obsolete

Introducing a new bicycle transmission without any gearing that still uses the bicycle chain to transfer torque, but the chain itself is controlled in a way that verges into sci-fi territory. What you see are disks instead of derailleurs, and cog sets. These disks help control the radial displacement of the chain’s rotation giving us riders the ability to choose any cadence we want at any time.

This is a clean sheet design, that is light weight, aerodynamicly clean, ratio dense and inherent in its design sequential shifting. Illustrators who draw Sci-fi bikes are mostly flights of fancy. I present here the real thing, where science fact mimics sci-fi. This new bicycle transmission advances the state of the art to sci-fi territory. We will now be presented with our bicycles having two flat thin disks with the bicycle chain transferring torque as before. These lightweight, clean, aerodynamic disks providing a ratio dense, sequential shifting transmission for the bicycle has been the goal since the start of the bicycle industry, but has been and is considered impossible to do.

Although our understanding of mechanical interaction seems complete in our real world experience, and any improvements incremental, this new invention defies known logic but will provide real world improvements for the bicycle rider. Talk about disrupting the global bicycle market.

clean and aerodynamic design

The inherent design qualities of this bicycle drivetrain are being a chain driven, light weight, inherently aerodynamic, with a ratio dense, sequential shifting, transmission and always clean appearance.

The big leap forward of this design is not mechanical efficiency, but permitting the rider any cadence of their choosing at any time, while still using the bicycle chain to achieve near 100% efficiency that bikes are known for.